To use Aikeez you need to add your openAI secret key in the Aikeez Settings page, but first, you need to create a secret key on OpenAi website. Here, a step-by-step guide to get your key in less than 2 minuts.

Register on Openai website

To get your secret key you first need to create an account on OpenAi Plateform and verify your email. Right after creating your account, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number and a secret code sent by SMS. Since OpenAI offers free credits, it prevents people from creating multiple accounts in order to get an unlimited number of free credits.
AOpenAI Register form

Getting your openAI Secret Key

Once you’vre created your account, verified your email and your phone number, you’ll be redirected to your account overview page on OpenAI platform…


OpenAi account overview

From this overview page you can reach the page where to get your Secret Key.


In the drop-down menu, (under “Personal” at the top right of the page) click on “View API Keys

Api Key Link

Creating a new key

By clicking on “View API Keys”, you’ll access the API key generator. Here you can create a new API Key clicking on “Create new secret key”. In this page you can create several API Keys and revoke it at any moment.

For more security, it’s a good practice to regulary revoke old keyws and create new ones, as it’s a good practice to regulary change your OpenAI login password.

create new secret key

Once created, just copy your secret key, and fill it in Aikeez Settings page