This documentation, covers all the options and pages located inside the “Bulk” tab.

Zoom on aikeez bulk tab

The bulk tab includes,

Creating Bulk Jobs :

  • Aikeez Bulk Publisher
  • CSV Importer

Checking the status of bulk jobs :

  • Runing Jobs (provides a view of queued, and in progress jobs)
  • Jobs Results (provides a view of completed jobs and their status)

Creating Bulk Jobs on Aikeez

Aikeez offers you 2 ways to work in Bulk mode, through the Aikeez Bulk Publisher interface or through CSV import. Let’s understand the advantages and the main differences between the two.

The Bulk Publisher interface

aikeez bulk publisher

The Bulk Publisher interface allows you to set a bulk job without leaving your WordPress dashboard and the interface of Aikeez. You don’t need to import any file. This method offers the main advantages of speed and simplicity.

You just have to fill in the list of titles to create articles, choose a few parameters, write a basic prompt, and your bulk job can be launched in just a few seconds. However since this method seems to be the easiest to start, it has its limit and drawback.

For example, when you ask the AI of openAI to generate an article on a given topic, you know how essential the quality of your prompt is. The more information your prompt contains about the desired outcome, the more satisfying the generated article will be for you. The more factual data your prompt contains, the more accurate and relevant your content will be as well.

The Aikeez Bulk Publisher interface allows you to optimize a single prompt for all the items (articles) you want to publish, then you can’t set very specifics prompts for each article here, that’s why we worked on the CSV Importer.

The CSV Importer

The CSV importer is the solution to give AI models extremely precise instructions on each item to create.

As a general rule you’d better work on optimizing your prompts in order to get high quality content. The more accurate the information in your prompts, the more effectively the AI will work.
Aikeez CSV Importer

The quality and accuracy of the prompt is the most important difference between the Bulk Publisher and the CSV Importer, but there is also another big one.

In the CSV file you can add for each article a list of keywords in order to get better optimized articles (semantically speaking), and this makes a huge difference for SEO. This option, available through the CSV Importer is not available from the Bulk Publisher interface of Aikeez.