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Combining High Quality Content and Automation

Unlimited Bulk Publishing

Publish without any limits and leverage Aikeez bulk mode to save time an money

Advanced Posts Scheduling

Streamline your content calendar for timely and impactful publishing with ease

Beautiful Image Automation

Aikeez enhances your content with breathtaking visuals and no copyright worries

Captivating Product Descriptions

Aikeez crafts compelling content for higher conversion rates and better SEO

GPT-4 Enabled

Create outstanding content with the latest and most powerful models

Advanced AI Settings

Custom AI settings give you the full control on text completion and models creativity

Flexible pricing options

We ensure only best support services for our clients


149 € / year

1 site

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What’s Included

Up to 20 users
Unlimited projects
Free image hosting
50+ integrations


249 € / year

5 sites

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What’s Included

Up to 50 users
Unlimited projects
Free image hosting
50+ integrations

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449 € / year

15 sites

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What’s Included

Up to 15 users
Unlimited projects
Free image hosting
50+ integrations

Connect via API with your favorite photo stock


Unlimited Bulk Publishing

Experience the freedom of publishing without any limits using Aikeez’s bulk mode. Save time and money by generating and posting a large number of articles or product descriptions in just a few clicks, streamlining your content management process and making it more efficient.

Advanced Posts Scheduling

Stay ahead of your content planning with Aikeez’s advanced posts scheduling feature. Set up your content calendar with ease, choosing the perfect time and date for your posts to go live. This ensures a consistent content flow, better engagement with your audience, and a stress-free content management experience.

Automated Images

Transform your content with Aikeez’s cutting-edge image selection feature. Our advanced AI technology automatically chooses the most visually stunning and contextually relevant images for your posts or product descriptions. Say goodbye to manual image sourcing and enhance your content’s visual appeal effortlessly.

Engaging Product Descriptions

Aikeez is an impressive copywriter, crafting engaging and compelling product descriptions that capture your customers’ attention and drive higher conversion rates. With Aikeez’s expertise, your product listings will stand out and resonate with your target audience, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

GPT-4 & GPT-3.5 Turbo Enabled

Harness the power of the latest and most advanced AI technology with GPT-4. Aikeez utilizes this groundbreaking language model to create outstanding content that’s coherent, contextually relevant, and highly engaging. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the most powerful AI-driven content generation tool on the market.

Advanced AI Settings

Take control of your content generation process with Aikeez’s advanced AI settings. Customize your text generation preferences and adjust the creativity of the AI models to suit your needs. Fine-tune the output to match your brand’s voice and style, ensuring consistent and high-quality content across all your channels.

growth your business with aikeez wordpress ai plugin

How Aikeez will help you grow your business?

Since creating a huge volume of great content is no longer a problem, using Aikeez you can dominate your niche faster

  • Content Generation Works

  • Focus on things that Matter

  • Get more organic traffic

  • Increase your income, while spending less

Aikeez integrates AI on WordPress

High Quality Content and Automation for Save your Time and Money


Smart product descriptions…. Smart product descriptions…. Smart product descriptions…. Smart product descriptions…. Smart product descriptions…. 

  • No need to write it anymore, Aikeez care of everything

  • Aikeez Descriptions are generated to increase conversion

  • Outrank your competitors in search engine results

Affiliate Marketing

Effective product reviews and informative contents

  • More targeted
  • Better topic coverage
  • Top ranking

Link Building & PBN

High Quality Multimedial Content For PBN and Digital PR

  • Bulk publication
  • Images Automation
  • Advanced prompt control
aikeez wordpress ai plugin growth your traffic

Real-AI solution for your website

  • AI powered technology to search and choose images
  • Free to use images, with no credits required
  • Images highly relevant to their textual neighborhood

  • Perfect alt attribute for users and search engines
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